Fourth Life Aesthetics


空间规划我们把整个加油站分为了两个大的版块:新能源版块、购物与休闲交际板块。新能源版块完成加油、换油、换池、洗车等产物功用;购物与休闲交际版块一楼便利店/Deli by Shell/Core locator;二楼儿童/衍生品/品牌协作产物;VIP/主题活动/影音/教室沙龙/小型会议体。

In the future, Shell Gas Station will no longer be a traditional gas station. He should also have family space, entertainment space and social space, which is called the aesthetics of life in the fourth space.From the overall point of view, we divide the whole gas station into two major sections: the new energy section, shopping and leisure social section.The new energy section completes the functions of refueling, oil changing, tank changing, car washing, etc.Shopping and Leisure Social Block
First Floor Convenience Store/Deli by Shell/Core Locator;
Second Floor Children/Derivatives/Brand Cooperative Products;
VIP/Theme Activities/Video/Classroom Salon/Small Conference Body